Sundar Swasthya

Our Mission

At Vaidyaa, we want to promote the importance of healthy eating to school-aged children and reinforce healthy dietary behaviours in adolescents.Schools can do a lot to promote and encourage healthy eating for their students. As of now, Biology, Home Science and Life skills classes were the main places in which students acquired food and nutrition knowledge. We plan to take our specialist nutritionists and doctors, and add to that with handouts, posters, visual aids, Q&A sessions with parents and children and provide updated nutrition information, so they can apply their new-found knowledge and abilities in making healthy food choices at home. We feel , that while it is important to focus on adults, it is also critical to target school children in their pre-adolescent and early adolescent years. These years offer a key window for shaping their lifetime habits, which have an impact on their health.



What will our school campaigns cover?

  • Healthy diet recommendations - find out more about healthy eating
  • Helping you eat well - tips about how you can put healthy eating into practice.
  • Healthy Hydration - find out more about healthy water habits
  • Healthy activity - find out more about active lifestyles, and why limiting screen time is important
  • Nutrition difference between children and teenagers
  • Changing habits - find out more about making changes to their behaviour to have a healthier lifestyle.


Schools covered

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